Subprime the Musical is a series of podcasts designed to explain the Credit Crisis with informational podcasts and musical parodies of songs.  The structure of the podcasts and song parodies are organized like acts and scenes in a musical, hence the name of the blog.

Interested in learning more about Subprime the Musical?  Got Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Constructive Criticism?  E-mail moneyandsociety@gmail.com

WARNING: I still have not put in all my works cited, nor have all my podcasts been checked for accuracy.  Thus, until I give the full stamp of approval, please do not cite any of these podcasts yet.  If you do notice errors, feel free to comment or let me know.

About this project

I was extremely upset about the state of the economy, but I found it very difficult to understand what was happening.    So in the summer of 2009, in a state of disillusioned oblivion, I pursued an independent project where I read and researched about what was going on, and then I attempted to re-explain it through podcasts as a means of better understanding the information.   Wanting to make my blog  a little more interesting, I incorporated song parodies that tied into the material.

A former college student’s lame attempt to understand the economic crisis at hand comes to fruition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Koshy- why did you create such a thing?
A: To be honest, when I was in college, I was always intimidated by those people in my investment club who could quote the WSJ like it was the back of their hand. I was terrified at the possibility that someone would approach me in the supermarket and say, “Oh so you’re probably learning about this stuff right now in your classes…what do you think caused the crisis.” I guess part of it was a way to prepare just in case someone random asked me a question about what I thought about the current situation.
Q. But a musical? Where did you get the idea for that? 
A.  Well my original audience was for my friends/classmates. I wanted to find a way to make the material accessible for them. So I incorporated music. But then I realized some of the things I did violated intellectual property laws. So while doing research on IP laws, I misread one of them that said I could technically write song parodies.
Q: So you started writing song parodies on the economy?
A: Yes, hence the name Subprime the Musical. Actually to be honest I didn’t realize I could write song parodies about the economy. I mean it’s a very specific area and its very hard to write stuff that I find to be so complicated. I remember coming across Glenn Hubbard’s parody of “Every Breath you Take” and thinking I could never do that. But then I started creating the podcasts and I guess the content ‘inspired’ me.
Q: So what was your overall goal with this whole thing?
A: I don’t know. At the time, I was looking to be on public radio. That was my ultimate dream. Or sing for Capitol Steps.
Q. Koshy- I found your podcasts to be factually incorrect and extremely simplified. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting such content out there.
A. Thank you for your concerns and sentiments. My content is oversimplified. It’s capture the nuances of economics or finance in 6-7 minute podcasts hence the simplification. And as for the inaccuracy, I guess I misinterpreted a lot of things. But I didn’t take any finance classes. My original intent was to put up the podcasts, find an expert or someone to peer review the material and give me feedback so I could make changes. But I could never find someone with the time or willingness to help me. I do explicitly state on my blog that I have not cited my material.
Q. Whose works did you use to create your podcasts?
A. A mixture of sources from Khan Academy, Paddy Hirsch from Marketplace Video Series, David Harper from the Bionic Turtle (these were my Youtube sources). In addition, I borrowed a lot of material from Chicago Public Radio, NPR, Investopedia, and whatever good stuff I could find on google scholar.
Q. So who did you originally create this for? 
A. Well- it’s funny. My audience was originally attended to be my fellow college classmates. I developed it for all them, and most of them appreciated it, but senior year happened. People got busy-applying for Fulbrights, getting funding for their non-profits, getting fancy jobs at economic consulting firms, getting into prestigious grad schools- girl who put powerpoints on YouTube lost all novelty.


5 Responses

  1. You do not need to be an economist to understand how corrupt the current financial system is. The value of money use to be intrinsic (commodity money), along with the face value it was assigned with. But today, the current form of currency (fiat money) has no intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed for valuable commodities. As a result the fiat money can be manipulated at will by the very people who implemented such a fraudulent system (bankers). History will repeat itself and the entire system will collapse and a new system will be introduced. Namely, electronic money whereby all your wealth will reside within a small RFID chip.and financial transactions will be carried out through this chip. This chip will also contain other forms of data including health details, where your location is and other necessities. basically, your entire life will be embedded in this chip as wherever you go in society or the system you need the chip to survive. The people own and have developed this new form of system will be able to control people through this chip and will be able to effectively “turn it off”. This is the reality that will emerge (gradually) within the next couple of years, but it will be subtly. If you do not believe that this is the next step of to enslave people is suggest you do your own research. Research a man called Aaron Russo. .

  2. This site has a lot of very helpful information on it. Cheers for sharing it with me.

  3. Very interesting blog. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

  4. can i get the ppt file please by e-mail?

    thanks in advanced i like your podcast

    • I never responded to this. Do you have an e-mail address?

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