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Act 1: What Started it all

Scene 1: How it all Began

Song: Subprime for Beginners

Scene 2: How Mortgages Work

Scene 3: What went wrong with the Mortgage Market

Song: The Credit Crunch

Scene 4: Our Interesting Interest Rates

Song: Alan G., Fed Chair Chief

Act 2: What Went Wrong with our Financial System?

Scene 1: What happened to the banking system?

Scene 2 : What happened to our regulators?

Scene 3: What happened to our Credit Rating Agencies?

Scene 4: How Chinese Savers contributed to the crisis?

Song: A New Financial World

Scene 5: Freddie and Fannie- What went wrong?

Song: The Scapegoats Tango

Act 3: Our crazy financial products

Song: Collateralized Debt Obligation

Scene 1: Understanding Collateralized Debt Obligations

Scene 2: Understanding Credit Default Swaps

Scene 3: How a Ponzi Scheme Works

Song: Debt

Act 4: Bailout Nation

Scene 1: How an Asset becomes toxic

Scene 2: Nationalize our Banking System?

Song: Bail me out Uncle Sam

Scene 3: Understanding the Bailout

Song: I am Timothy Geithner

Finale: The Commentary

Fox and Grapes Productions (c)


14 Responses

  1. I love the way you simply all of the mumbo jumbo! I always say, just tell me what I need to know, nothing extra and keep it simple.

    Your awesome and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  2. Simply marvelous! Excellent commentary and visuals. A fantastic way to introduce college students to the World Financial Crisis and Great Recession of 2008 – 2009. Insight and wit always make a good combination.

    I hope you choose to complete the project and keep the entire Musical online for a number of years to come.

    Thank you.

  3. Many of these concepts have long mystified me. This was very helpful and likable. Thank you, and I wish you the best.
    -Aaron W.

  4. This has been one of the best youtube educational videos I ever have seen. I knew most of the concepts but the way you have portrayed them is simply awesome. Its not about how much you know – its about how well you explain it to others.

    Excellent efforts, this work definitely needs a hand of applause.

    I look forward to looking for more videos.

    Anything you need from my side, I’m more than willing to help you!

  5. great videos, alot of effort has been put into it, why didn’t i found it before. Hoping to see you completed that missing videos though ;). Regards

  6. well done and it is a great contribution to the general society to understand whats going on with the financial markets and institution

  7. I should these are the best trainings one can get to understand the complexity of financial industry. You explain it so well that anybody can understand the concepts.. Great work, add more to the collections.


  8. Can I steal this and write a paper on it lol

    • No, such blatant plagiarism of art and science would be inexcusable.

  9. This is so helpful and informative. Good thing I got a WordPress in time to see this. 😀

  10. Phenomenal

  11. Love the presentation but I have found that there was an underlying strategy beneath the these causes that you haven’t mentioned (at least to this point in my listening). The National Home Ownership Strategy, started under President Clinton in 1994 that links all of these elements. The goal was to increase home ownership by 2.5% to fuel the economy. In order to accomplish this there had to be a market (CRA), a means to support it (SubPrime Mortgages), a way to qualify the unqualified borrowers, and ways to flush the resulting toxic assets off the books (derivatives). There was a site that showed all of the sub-strategies that has since been removed but, Clinton, Bush and now Obama have all ridden this housing bubble.

  12. fan fckn tastic! loved the show. you are brilliant and i wish you well. hope you finish it to see the toxic asset show when you do it. i am off to see the big short tonight and your show will make it easier tounderstand.

  13. Your implication that public servants are incompetent is simplistic and very wrong. As you discussed the private banks may need to be taken over by government and then put back into the private system where the competent people will again make it toxic.

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